: Call for Book Reviews

TOPIA seeks book reviews of the following titles. Please send expressions of interest along with a brief statement of disciplinary affiliations and relevant research to topiajournal (at) gmail.com with the subject line “book reviews.” If you would like to propose a book for review, please send us an email with the same information. Visit our list of books for review to view other potential titles. 


Book reviews for TOPIA should focus on recent or foundational books relevant to the field of cultural studies. TOPIA prioritizes the review of titles by Canadian authors and publishers as well as titles exploring subjects related to Canada, Québec, and the First Nations, in a global context.


DEADLINE: December 15, 2016 (if accepted, deadline for reviews is March 1, 2017).


1. Cultural Studies 1983: A Theoretical HistoryStuart Hall, edited by Jennifer Daryl Slack and Lawrence Grossberg (Duke University Press, 2016). 

2. Public Service Media Initiatives in the Global South. Edited by Anis Rahman and Gregory Ferrell Lowe (Simon Fraser University Library, 2016).  

3. Writers' Rights: Freelance Journalism in a Digital AgeNicole S. Cohen (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016).

4. Making Feminist Media: Third-Wave Magazines on the Cusp of the Digital Age. Elizabeth Groeneveld (Wilfrid Laurier Press, 2016).

5. Arts of Engagement: Taking Aesthetic Action In and Beyond the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Edited by Dylan Robinson and Keavy Martin (Wilfrid Laurier Press, 2016). 

6. Counterblasting Canada: Marshall McLuhan, Wyndham Lewis, Wilfred Watson, and Sheila Watson. Edited by Gregory Betts, Paul Hjartarson and Kristine Smitka (University of Alberta Press, 2016). 

7. Fueling Culture: 101 Words for Energy and Environment. Edited by Imre Szeman, Jennifer Wenzel, and Patricia Yaeger (Fordhampton University Press, 2017).